Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the Team!


We are excited to announce three new members to the Abundant Grace team. If you see them around say “hey!” and give them a high five.



Jen Zalick arrived with her family in 2011 with three years professional ministry experience in the development and integration of creative arts in a church setting. She has since volunteered, working alongside Joe Cales, in the same field for Abundant Grace. As Creative Coordinator, Jen will continue to partner with ministry leaders to further develop the arts within the AGIF church and community.



Edwin Tan and his family have been in Shanghai for two years. He is married with two beautiful daughters—yes a household of ladies! Edwin is currently heading the AV team. He is a designer by profession and an avid tech person, he was his previous church’s Media Coordinator. He will be joining our team as our Webmaster/IT Officer.



Eric Baden and his family have been in Shanghai for 11 years. He is married with one daughter. Eric and his wife have served as leaders of the Stephen Ministry program for the last two years, and over the past year Eric has been an executive consultant to Pastor Nate and the Elders. This year Eric will join us as Operations Director, where he will assist in church operations and support for staff and ministry teams.