Water & Fire—Prophetic Painting by Joshua Rodriguez

Water & Fire—Prophetic Painting by Joshua Rodriguez

During the Artisan Series, we had “prophetic painting” throughout the services. We wanted to share some stories of the process the artists went through leading up to, and while participating in, this prophetic painting exercise—as well as some testimonies from people in the congregation about how the paintings spoke to them. The following is from Jessica Makona as she shares about what God spoke to her via the prophetic paintings done by Joshua Rodriguez at the Saturday Grace Extended Service and the Sunday Grace Service.
by Jessica Makona
Saturday Grace Extended Painting
treasure in the black of night
souls searching to touch a covered pearl
dancing through hazy understanding
as the flame flickers into existence
moments before “let there be light”
a thought, an image of possibility
fans the flame in the dark of light
introspection takes place
as eyes see the flame and dance to built dreams
Sunday Grace Painting
look on the dwelling place of God
peaks sit upon the earth in majesty
drink from its spring and be refreshed
for life flows out of the very heart of His sanctuary
healing waters for your soul
AGIF Prophetic Art May 2014 120