You Have Voted—Results from the Jesus Is Survey

You Have Voted—Results from the Jesus Is Survey

With the highest participation ever and affirmation rates well over 90%, you have resoundingly endorsed our vision and budget for 2014/15, as well as each of the elder candidates. This clears the way for all of us to pursue the mission of each of our ministries with zeal and expectation.

As of July 1, 2014 the AGIF Elder Board will comprise:
  • Nathan Showalter (Chair)
  • Manoj Varughese (Vice-Chair)
  • Jacqueline Adams
  • Chee Ming Lim
  • Jane Lin Baden
  • Jamie Ming
  • Mike Montague
  • Shane Olson
  • Chris Perks
  • Oscar Pujol
  • Brad Warne
With our vision and budget affirmed…

Our new ministry for foreign college and university students (Focus) will come to life under the caring leadership of “Auntie” Cynthia Atadja and with the Pastoral oversight of our Youth Pastor Peter Yoo.

We will establish The Hub as a place for youth and creatives to meet and experience safe, nurturing community. In this context we rejoice in announcing the appointment of Jen Zalick as Creative Team Leader, in a part-time roll. She will give leadership to this exciting new facet of our Creative Ministry, and assist with Creative execution for the Grace Extended and Sunday Grace services.

Our intentional outreach efforts on local, national and international level will be strengthened significantly under the affirmed budget, which includes a substantial Outreach Challenge Fund to encourage each of our ministries to launch intentional outreach initiatives.

Over the past year, Eric Baden has assisted us as a volunteer consultant in readying AGIF for the ambitious vision and budget you have affirmed. We rejoice that he will continue his service as a part time member of our staff, overseeing the operational implementation of our ministry missions and preparing AGIF for further growth as our Operations Director.

We would also like to welcome Edwin Tan as our new Webmaster and IT Officer. Edwin has volunteered with Worship & Creative over the past year organizing A/V each week. We are excited to have Edwin take on an even bigger role as part of the AGIF team.

We are grateful for the many constructive comments you have submitted in the survey. Some are a welcome affirmation of the course we are steering. Others are very helpful insights into unmet needs and opportunities to serve each other and our community even better.

 AGIF is a congregation that unites disciples from many nations and denominations in the quest to do what Jesus is doing.

We are greatly encouraged by the positive feedback you have given on how this vision is lived at our gatherings, in our small groups and when we serve others.

Nate Showalter,
On behalf of the Elders of Abundant Grace International Fellowship