The Naseri Family's Story of His Grace

The Naseri Family’s Story of His Grace

The Naseri family recently immigrated to the United States. During their time in Shanghai Isa and his family served AGIF faithfully with the Hospitality ministry. Isa also contributed greatly as our webmaster and IT guru. For those who were able to hear their story in person—it is an amazing one. Here is a short letter from Isa as he reflects on their time as refugee’s in Shanghai and how he has experienced God’s grace over this 15-year period of transition and growth. 

It’s amazing how He reveals Himself in years, months and the final weeks in Shanghai! All in all, I am beyond grateful for all this Grace in my life and a place to call Home! I will always remember the joy of serving and our journey we have shared together.

It was four Christmases ago when I was a refugee reaching other refugees and someone found us in dark corner of Shanghai. I was not allowed to work, my kids were not allowed to attend school, we were not allowed to travel and were living life with no hope…

It was few days ago one of our hospitality team members has told me: “One day this pain will make sense to you.” It took me back 15 years and how I fled my country and where I am today.

I remember the day my brother and sisters reached out to help, and on that Christmas … Jie our AGIF ex-treasurer brought us here while she’s holding my hand with every step towards the altar. We sat in the second row right in front of the Christmas tree. I couldn’t stop myself from crying tears of joy. Later, the next year we were decorating the very same tree. The year after that we bought a new tree, and last year even more trees, sharing the good message with neighborhood.

I only can say, we are very blessed by getting involved in serving here at AGIF—it changed us from the inside out. I wasn’t a social person, I remember the first time they asked me to serve I was shaking and shy—same with my children, but through time we are blessed by his amazing grace and gift of sharing joys and smiles with everyone. I would encourage you too, to step up and look for opportunities to serve to get this free gift from Heaven. Love you all and always remember you.

Let me close with few words: Dear God thank you for even now, Amen

Isa Naseri
Former AGIF Hospitality Coordinator and Webmaster

Tue, February 11, 2014