Justin Behm

Name: Justin Behm

Position at AGIF: Men on the Way

What year did you move to Shanghai: Him and his wife, Sarah, first came to China in 2001 but did not get to Shanghai until 2004. Stayed for a year and then landed in Guangzhou in 2010, then finally came back to Shanghai in 2012.

Favorite place On the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee or a golf course in the early morning with the dew still on the ground.

Fun fact: He met Sarah on a blind date set up by her uncle because he had told him he liked to bungy jump (Sarah apparently had an interest in skydiving at the time)

Find him/her at: AGIF on Saturdays for worship, Sunday for Kids Church, weekdays on the farm in Wuxi and Saturday mornings at 7am Bible Study at Starbucks