Sincerely, The Giving Tree Project

Sincerely, The Giving Tree Project

Last year, the Giving Tree Project successfully distributed 10,624 giving tree bags to children in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province. The fruits of these labors have been immense, as evidenced by some of the responses received:

Dear Uncles and Aunts:
I was very happy you visited our school and brought many gifts to us, we very much like them. I thought you must had gone out of the way to purchase these gifts, as every piece of them are all quite fit to our needs, everyone of us smiled a lot while playing with toys. But I cannot quite understand why you send gifts to kids you don’t know, maybe when I grow up I will understand. Thanks again for all your love, I will help strangers in future just like you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
– Zhang Jie: Jiaxing New People School Grade 2 Class 2

Thanks for all pretty gifts you gave me, I love them very much. All you uncles and aunts are just like the sun in winter, bring a lot warm to us in such cold season. When I grow up, I will help other children in need, just like you, pass the love to more people.
– Shen Junyan: Grade 4 Class 1

The distribution ceremonies all went exceptionally well despite many difficulties, including bad air quality. Looking forward to this year, initial phases of locating migrant schools have already begun, paving the way to impact another 10,000 children.