Shanghai Parable 3: The Princess and the Culinary Pea

Shanghai Parable 3: The Princess and the Culinary Pea

Once upon a time there was a sassy redhead whose parents were very gifted in the kitchen. Sadly, they never taught her how to create any culinary masterpieces, and she went away to college not knowing how to cook anything.

She didn’t let that stop her from eating, however. She just ate at restaurants or at friends’ houses.

One day she discovered she had an allergy to shrimp and shellfish. Soon after, she moved to a small Asian island, a dangerous place for someone with a seafood-related allergy to dine out. After one accidental itchy reaction too many, she realized she would have to finally learn to cook.

At first the process was difficult. Learning a new skill as an adult isn’t always fun. But then she discovered how very creative the process of planning meals for large groups of people can be. And she was surprised to find the large groups of people really liked her food! To have someone create a home-cooked meal for them so far from their actual homes made them feel loved.

She realized the food allergy and the move to the small Asian island had actually been a highly unusual and unconventional gift, revealing a talent she didn’t know she had. After moving to Shanghai, she brainstormed ways to use those talents as a way of giving back for the unusual gift. She decided to throw a dinner party every month for different people in her community.

The more she shared her gift, the more her talents grew, and the more opportunities she had to spread love through a spread on her dining room table.


Looking for more? Listen to the audio for the sermon “What Did You Get?” here.

Story imagined by Heather Rose Chase
Header images designed by Dean Liaw