A Safe Haven and a Fresh Start

A Safe Haven and a Fresh Start

Ingane Yami

This summer marked the 180 Youth Ministry’s fourth year going on outreach to South Africa, and also their fourth stay at Ingane Yami.  Ingane Yami, started by Kloof Harvest Church, is a children’s village where orphaned children are given a place to stay, a house mother to look after them, and a fresh start.

I personally formed a relationship with a three-year-old little girl named “Api”. She is the sweetest little girl that I have ever met.  Every morning before breakfast I would wait outside her house and when she saw me she would scream my name while she ran to me.  Little “Api” quickly became my favorite person on the trip.

Each year the facility continues to add on new buildings.  A cluster of five homes are now complete, as well as a new apartment for the Pastor of the village—Bheki Msikane.  As a team, we were delighted to be able to sponsor a ticket for him to come on a ministry trip to Shanghai next year!

While at Ingane Yami, the team spent a day moving top soil and planting grass to help the place look great for the precious children. We also got to see another exciting new development at Ingane Yami, which is the start of Harvest Giba Church. HGC serves the needs of the people of Dassenhoek.  We were grateful for the opportunity to lead the service as well as the Kids Church.

Ingane Yami is truly a safe haven and enables kids who would otherwise have been neglected, feel loved, accepted and nurtured. I am so excited that we can visit this place each year as a team, witnessing how it continues to grow, and how God continues to use it in ever-expanding ways to serve the community.

Story by Caiti Warne,
Caiti is a 9th grader who went on outreach with the 180 Student Ministry this summer to South Africa.