The Table

Church doesn’t end after a weekend service or after you exit the building. Prayer, service, study and connections are important aspects of faith that aren’t restricted to the one hour a week.

That’s why we’ve got the Table. Think of it as Abundant Grace’s port—a place where people in the church connect and put their faith in action—serving, sharing and praying together—24/7. If you attend Abundant Grace International Fellowship, you’re invited to The Table.

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Community can’t happen unless you know people. Use the directory to connect names and faces, find people that share the same life stage, interests or neighborhood as you.

How to set up your profile.


  • Join The Table. Use your individual email address, not a family or couple email address.
  • Use profile picture of you—not your family, not your dog, not your celebrity look-alike. Recognition is a value here.
  • Set your notification preferences so you get just enough and not too much from your church table.
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet, get the free Android or iPhone app.


Fight apathy. See a need? Fill a need. You can post volunteer opportunities and offer items to give or share with others at church. Get rid of that baby crib you don’t need any more, share that table saw you use once a year, offer your driver for an event.

100 ways to use the serve app



Give and receive instant encouragement by praying for others and sharing your own requests and praises.

Pray—A short film about prayer on the Table

10 ways you can Pray proactively with the Prayer Wall