You Are Here for a Purpose

You Are Here for a Purpose


You Are Here

New 4-Week Series  //  August 23–September 7

Next week we will begin a new Series You Are Here, which looks at the Book of Esther.

The heroine of the book is a Jewish young woman who hides her identity. And she’s not just any woman, but an orphaned, Jewish girl who grew up to be so beautiful that the great King Xerxes chooses her as his new wife. Despite all this, Esther is instrumental in saving the Jews from certain genocide.

Through the story, we see life, as we know it: God’s perfect work through imperfect people. 

Although God is not mentioned, those who look in faith will find him silhouetted throughout the entire story. There are too many “coincidences” for there not be a master planner.

Maybe you are struggling with why God brought you to Shanghai, or maybe you know someone who needs to be reminded that their time here is for a purpose—invite them along!

Through the series, we like Esther was, will be challenged to embrace where God has placed us now, to stand firm in adversity, to build courage through community and to leave our imprint for our King in Shanghai.

Will you join us?


Week 1  //  Why Am I Here?  //  Aug 16 & 17
Week 2  //  Stand Firm  //  Aug 23 & 24
Week 3  //  Dig In  //  Aug 30 & 31
Week 4  //  Make Your Mark  //  Sept 6 & 7