Philippines Offering Update: Boracay & Panay

Philippines Offering Update: Boracay & Panay

How has our special offering for the Philippines been blessing our partners there?

Back in November we took a special offering for people in the Philippines effected by various natural disasters. Through the special offering we were able to donate over ¥111,000 to our partners there. Here are some of the things that have already been accomplished:

We are so very appreciative of your efforts to raise money for the tremendous needs that occurred because of the recent Super Typhoon. We are using your money for the needs on Boracay and Panay.

The preschool in the Ati village was destroyed, and we will be using some of your funds to build a new cement preschool building. This building will be strong and sturdy. We are going full speed ahead on it to get the many Ati children back in school ASAP. Another fortunate thing. . . as a result of your money, the building of this preschool, is giving jobs to Ati men who so desperately need income for their families.

Besides our ministry buildings that we are in process of repairing, we were able to buy many materials for the Ati to repair their roofs.

We have on-going distribution of rice and other food to share with the 180 Ati families we minister to near Caticlan. We are helping to sustain these needy tribal people. Many have had their jobs halted because of the typhoon’s havoc in the area.

We are helping several Pastors in the immediate area to rebuild their churches after they have been damaged by the typhoon. These are pastors between Kalibo and Caticlan who we have partnered with for several years, and we continue to encourage and work with them. These pastors are very faithful to our Bible School program that we run on Boracay in partnership with Asian Theological Seminary.

We have been commissioned by the PCEC, (Philippine Counsel of Evangelical Churches) to distribute building materials to 150 pastors for their churches and members. We will deliver these materials all around the island of Panay, from Caticlan to Iloilo.

God bless all who have so generously given,

Dan and Tori
Directors of Boracay and Panay Island Ministry