Fun from the Philippines—Part 2

Fun from the Philippines—Part 2

Here is a continuation of the blog posts from the Alagatas, a family who visited the Philippines with AGIF for the Outreach trip over the Spring Holiday, 2014.

Fun Tales from the Philippines

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Even though I have never met most of the people, it was a fantastic week working and ministering together with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

One family on the trip came from Singapore and they had people in Manila make the T- shirts for us. They also organized many of the needed things such as hotels and/or airport transport.

Lara Olson was one of the main people in charge. She had come six years ago because her “aunt” came from Dumangas and told her about the need. Ever since that first trip, she has been committed to the people there. She led the music with great enthusiasm and she would also be the one you go to if you were ever feeling sick. Two of her sons also joined her on the trip.

Another key person was Jon Brantingham. We have known Jon for many years. He funded the cost for many things, such as the sound equipment, the uniforms, the gifts, the shipping of things and the list goes on. He also put together the basketball tournament. It was great to be there with his family, as we just love Judy and their kids. Only Aaron could not make it, as he was in NYC for a choir invitational.

The team consisted of mostly families with kids ranging from one year to 18 years of age. There were also several single brothers and sisters in Christ. Two brothers, in particular, had the same heart for intercession.

Serving together, eating together, being together 24/7 was truly a blessing for us. My kids enjoyed playing with the younger kids and getting to know the older kids. They enjoyed meeting and talking with all their new aunts and uncles. Now they want to go to Shanghai just to see everyone.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I can’t end without talking about the two awesome evenings of worship—one in Banate and the other in Dumangas. Joe and Judy led the worship with brothers on the drums, the keyboard, the bass and the guitar.

See more photos from the worship sets and of the team in the gallery below.