Do What Jesus is Doing in July

Do What Jesus is Doing in July

During July we saw praises for financial provision, healing, and God using AGIF attendees to share Jesus’ love and friendship with Shanghai—and beyond—through home gatherings, social events, and random acts of kindness. Read below for specific praise reports in these areas and more!

Week 1

  • Ron & Ally Mona had the opportunity to be the “Hero” in a local woman’s life, when she had a scooter accident and they were the first people to stop and help her. Read the full story here.
  • Both services had a lot of people responding for prayer.
  • First-timer was invited by a friend who does not even attend AGIF, but heard good things about it and so recommended it to them.
  • An Indian family found us on the internet and even travelled two hours to join us
  • AGIFers continue to do what Jesus is doing in the community, by showing true community: a teacher from nearby school was invited to BBQ at Mona’s and loved the community.
  • Mike met prayed for someone who was not a Christian but still really felt she needed prayer and felt lead to respond during the prayer time after the service.

Week 2

  • One of the Kids’ Programs volunteers talked about how He was ministered to and challenged by the same teaching he was giving the kids.
  • One of our attendees, Ally, went up during the response to receive prayer for financial provision and wisdom as her and her family work to become debt free. Within days she was asked to take a full-time tutoring job. She said she is  “praising how our God hears and responds to our needs”.

Week 3

  • A guest from Germany had just arrived in Shanghai. He heard a German Christian song playing in the lobby of his hotel, he then left to go for a walk and heard the worship music coming from AGIF during the Saturday night service. He came in and joined the service, returning the next weekend before he headed out to the airport. He said that he really felt Gods provision in directing him to our church.
  • Our summer hospitality coordinator, Christina was having back pain from Wednesday to Sunday. She passed Esme before one of the services and felt the Spirit promting her to ask for prayer. She did, and later noticed that she had no pain!
  • One attendee, Troy, praises God for his provision over the summer. Troy asked God to provide financially as he and his wife had family visiting and really wanted to be able to show them around and help them enjoy Shanghai during their visit. He got some tutoring jobs, and another attendee even let them use their driver to get around some days. Troy learned to ask big because God will provide.
  • Newcomers are getting connected through summer gathering events.

Week 4

  • Ian Olson spoke at Liberian Conference in Minnesota where 35,000 Liberians live. The attendees were so moved by his talk, and the work him and Sam Brantingham are doing that they are nominating them for CNN Hero of the Year. Read more here.
  • An attendee was encouraged when she saw another women that she gave an AGIF invite card to—after ending up in a conversation with her at a restaurant— had come to one of the weekend gatherings.
  • Sunday 3pm service had a great response for prayer during the time of reflection at the end of the service.
  • One of our Kids’ Programs volunteers responded to a request to help a friend move. He showed up to help and found out that his friend had asked him there to gift him a new electric scooter to replace his one that had been stolen.
  • Abundant Grace attendees continue to give generously over the summer —combined offerings almost at the level expected during the year—thank you!
  • Arun, one of our hospitality volunteers, had to go to the Indian consulate to apply for new passport. While there, Arun met a man from Argentina and invited him to Grace Extended as well as to an all-church BBQ on Sunday. He made it to GE and connected well with people! He couldn’t make it to the BBQ because of some business that came up, although he was keen to go because he had such a good experience at the GE service.