Not Home Alone—Halfway Point

Not Home Alone—Halfway Point


Men, we have come to the half way stage of our NOT home alone program. While we have seen a lot of rain that has caused us to change some events let me fill you in on what has happened so far.

Week one saw 25 of us gather for some serious competition at the indoor archery range. The following week we went to Mr. X Mystery House where you have to use your detective skills, CIA training, and being a man, all rolled into one to try to get out of a room using the clues they provide. Unfortunately we failed to escape in the allotted time so we decided to have lunch at Mr. Pancake (and all finished our meals).

Undeterred by this initial failure we headed back the following week to tackle another room (they have 5 different rooms). This time we totally redeemed ourselves and broke the current record of 42 minutes. 

This weekend will see us BBQ and then go bowling at the Life Hub.

Hey, we still have 4 events left so if you’re new at AGIF or simply wanting to connect with other guys go to the website for the details.

NHA-MRX NHA-Breakfast-2 NHA-Breakfast