Going Back to the Source

Going Back to the Source

This past weekend during Grace Extended and Sunday Grace, we had “prophetic painting” throughout the service. Since this is the first time we have included something like this we wanted to share some stories of the process the artists went through leading up to, and while participating in, this prophetic painting exercise—as well as some testimonies from people in the congregation about how the paintings spoke to them. The following is from Vitalis Wong as he shares about the prophetic painting he did at the Saturday Grace Extended Service.

Going Back to the Source

by Vitalis Wong

Yesterday’s initial image came during the preparation prayer, and it developed during the worship. Initially it didn’t have the white elements. They are actually souls.  There are lost souls in swirls, but Jesus’ blood in red and Holy Spirit in white convert/save them back to good souls and bring them back to God, back to the Light, back to the Word. God gives all of us many chances to return to him. The title is Going Back to the Source. I think God’s message is to tell people to go back to Him, He is always trying to help us, giving us chances, and all we have to do is choose. The journey of doing this painting was amazing, and I was exhausted physically afterwards. I felt God had used me in full.

Here is what Jessica, an AGIF attendee wrote about what God spoke to her through the painting:

hands lift up in worship to God
sparks of joy fly to meet the giver of life
twirling in delight and coming together as one
reaching up and touching down

Spirit of God flaming fire in our souls
emitting colored fire 
to every tribe, language, people, and nation