God Invades the Darkness with Light

God Invades the Darkness with Light

This world can be dark and mean.  It hurts and damages all of us, even precious and innocent children.  Then it casts them aside, telling them that they are ugly and unwanted.  Here is one of the ways that the world speaks hopelessness and cruelty with clinical detachment.  This is a standard announcement of abandoned children.  Notice these two, randomly put side by side, united neither by family or age, but linked only by the fact that they are unwanted.


{Newspaper clipping of abandoned children in Henan: the check mark in the left column is next to Landon, the check mark in the middle column is next to Lily}

… But God.[1]  God is altogether different from this world, invading the darkness and cruelty and randomness and bringing light, and healing and relationship.  God primarily does His intervening and rescuing work through His people who are filled with His Spirit.  I want you to see how He works.  This is a picture of these two children now.  They are no longer unwanted, they are loved.  They are no longer random, they are brother and sister, they are son and daughter.  And they were never ugly or unseen by Jesus.  “Behold, I am making all things new!”     


[1] See Ephesians 2:1-10.  In this passage, the phrase, “… but God …” in verse 4 has been referred to as the gospel in two words.

The Story

The Tyler’s have had adoption on their hearts for many years. In China, both parents must be 30 years old in order to adopt a child. Last January, when Jennifer turned 30, her and Kenny were ready with all necessary paperwork and ready to bring a baby home. In particular, a baby girl that they would name Lily.

What God had in store was much different then how they thought the process would go.

As January turned to February, they still weren’t matched with a baby. February turned to March and the same thing. But then, as April came near, they were contacted by an orphanage, which they had a prior relationship with, and were offered a sweet, red cheeked, chubby little…boy! It was a matter of 72 hours and Landon, a bubbly, full of life, almost 2 year old, was home with them.

As they began to adjust to this new family dynamic and make Landon feel comfortable with his mom and dad (as well as add some boyish décor to a primarily pink room), God brought another little one to them. A sweet little girl named Lily! In a way that only God works, it turns out that Lily came from the same province and was in the same newspaper ad as Landon when abandoned (see above)!

Their hearts had been hopeful for a little girl and here she was. God blessed the Tyler’s with two babies in less than a month. The family of 2 was now a family of 4, full of love, nervousness, excitement, and adjustment.

When Landon came home to them, he had burns on his body from an accident with unknown details. He is now thriving and his scars don’t slow him down one bit! When Lily came home to them, she had a clef lip and palate. She already had one surgery but would require one more in the late summer of 2013. All who knew the Tyler’s prayed for Lily and her surgery came out with great results.

Both kids are growing and learning faster than anyone can keep up, and God really has blessed the whole family. Landon and Lily are so lucky to have the love, support, encouragement, and guidance from Jennifer and Kenny. Jennifer and Kenny are so lucky to have Landon and Lily who fill their hearts and show them a whole new dimension of love. God really does change everything and sometimes we must take a leap of faith, for his plans are bigger than we could ever imagine being blessed with!