Experiencing Our Father's Heart

Experiencing Our Father’s Heart

During our outreach trip to South Africa this summer, our mission team was able to visit a missionary family living in a remote area amongst the Zulu people. Their daughter, Fifi, who has already finished high school, visits people with great needs on a regular basis.

I was allowed to join her on a house visit to two baby twins who had lost their mom during their birth, and are now raised by their grandma who is old and injured. My heart broke as I saw their poor living conditions in a mud hut beside an open fire.

Whilst bathing one of the little ones I realized that these kids are in such a great need and I was blessed to share a tiny bit of God’s love with them. I came to know that sometimes we are allowed to feel our Father’s pain in order to be filled with compassion and an urge to serve.

Deborah Dörig
Deborah traveled with the 180 Student Ministry on outreach to South Africa the past summer of 2014.