Do What Jesus is Doing in April

Do What Jesus is Doing in April

April Week 1

  • From a Kids’ Ministry parent:

After the parent meeting, my daughter, Carlie and I were looking over the signs, and she said to me “We’ve been studying faith and forgiveness in kids church.”  I said, “We’ve been studying the same thing in the Adult Church.” 

She looked up at me and said, “Those are both really hard things to do. I had a friend at school that was mad at a lot of people, including me. I said sorry many times, but she had a really hard time forgiving me. We were all playing and wanted her to join us, but she was still mad for many days. She really missed out on a lot of fun we had a recess, being mad. It can be so hard to forgive.”

  • “Stephen Ministry Saved My Life” Women shared her testimony with another AGIF member about how thankful she was for Stephen Ministry in her marriage, life, and in her being able to stay in Shanghai. Was very thankful it is a ministry provided at the church and one which she was encouraged to seek out when needing support.
  • Sunday Grace closed with a special song by the Philippines Team.

April Week 2

  • Service trip to Anhui was a great success.  We were able to give care packages to the aged, donate chicks, ducklings, goslings, feeders and food to local farmers and handed out toys, clothes and stationery to local children.  Everyone on the team and all received goods were greatly enriched.
  • Pastor Nate and Chris were at a Marriage Encounter Weekend in Singapore. This UME (United Marriage Encounter) was started by couples who experience the Marriage Encounter in Shanghai and brought it back to Singapore.
  • Two first grade boys conspired to give their mother a foot washing after learning about how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet at Kid’s Church. (See story Live Like Jesus—Kids’ Edition).
  • Peter’s elbow surgery has given Elyn many opportunities to minister to others at the hospital.

April Week 3

  • The Good Friday service hosted by Trinity went really well. Had involvement from people from all three AGIF services.
  • Kids Easter had huge turnouts. Kids did an awesome job of inviting their friends. Kids Ministry volunteers filled 2,000 eggs over the weekend!
  • Had quite a few salvations at the various Easter services.

April Week 4

  • A child in Kids’ Church had a encouraging experience when she was able to live out her lesson in the Kids’ Programs about caring for others in her school life.
  • The Alpha group had a successful end to their series with their Alpha retreat.
  • Anna Gavine had a friend who was healed of her Cancer!
  • Esme felt that God put on her heart to tell someone at the Grace Extended service that they were not a mistake. A few people responded.