Daniel Fast Day 7

Daniel Fast Day 7

Daniel Fast Day 7
March 12
Reading: Daniel 1:17-19

“God gave these four young men knowledge and skill in both books and life. In addition, Daniel was gifted in understanding all sorts of visions and dreams. At the end of the time set by the king for their training, the head of the royal staff brought them in to Nebuchadnezzar. When the king interviewed them, he found them far superior to all the other young men. None were a match for Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.” (vs 17-19 msg)

Daniel and friends were well educated. They had studied the books. But they also had wisdom that distinguished them from others. And that wisdom was the result of their God-connection.

A diet of vegetables and prayer had produced young men wise beyond their peers. And the king was ready to trust them as advisors and leaders in his government.

Daniel had a special gift for seeing into the future. And that is one of the gifts we seek as we fast. We want to move toward the future God intends for us. But it’s not easy. There are many voices, many sources of knowledge. There are competing claims for truth. Not every voice offers wisdom.

**God, during this Daniel Fast give us direction toward the future you intend for us. Help us to hear your voice among the many voices that compete for our time and attention. In the clamor of this great city, we want to hear the still, small voice of your Spirit. Speak, Lord, your servant is listening. **