You Are Creative

You Are Creative

by Anthony Reich

When preparing the sermon for the final week of the Creative Artisan series, I found myself reminiscing on the fantastic explosion of creativity that we had all been lucky enough to witness over the previous 3 weeks. We had a dance routine, live prophetic painting during Es’s sermon, original artwork for sale, creative workshops on offer and even live music outside to enjoy as we chatted together after the service. It was great to have basked in so much creativity over the past few weeks and I felt that in our final week of the series, it was fitting to try and attempt to create one piece of art together, as an entire church body. This seemed particularly fitting seeing as the topic for the final week was ‘Body: Experiencing Creativity Together‘.

As you may recall, one of the main themes of the Artisan series, and a point that we touched on in that final week, is that God is the original creator and that, being made in His image, we too are blessed with an abundance of wide ranging creative gifts.

Whilst acknowledging that we are all made in His image, we cannot forget that we are all also unique.

This uniqueness is exemplified I feel by us being imprinted with our own exclusive fingerprint. As such, it seemed right to celebrate this individuality, whilst juxtaposing that with the celebration that we are all part of one church, by coming together and painting a fingerprint tree.

Tree of Life Artisan

Should anyone wish to take this painting home, please get in touch with the creative team (creative [at] agifshanghai [dot] com) and offer a small donation to go towards the South Africa missions.

I hope that you found the Artisan series as exciting as I did. And remember, we are ALL blessed with bundles of creativity, so let’s use those gifts in service of our God.