Life Groups

Life Groups (our name for small groups) are the place where we: experience authentic biblical community, pray for others and are prayed for, discover, develop and deploy our spiritual gifts, grow spiritually together by discussing the bible. It’s the place where we laugh and cry together. It’s the place where we have a physical and spiritual meal together. When someone is having a ‘Shang low’ or ‘Shang high’ moment—facing stress, under pressure at work, celebrating a promotion or birth—we walk through life here in Shanghai together.

Which life group should I attend?

We have life groups specifically for younger, older, single, and married men and women, families, new believers, and people who are still figuring out what Christianity is all about. We have groups that meet weekly or every other week. Life Groups are about doing life together. We hope that you will choose to “do life” with us. Join a group today.

Click here for a current list of our Life Groups and times they meet

For more information, or to get connected to a Life Group, please contact our LifeGroup Pastor, Brad Warne, at