Connecting to God through the arts

AGIF | Creative has an incredible opportunity to help reveal a picture of who God is by utilizing the unique gifts & talents that each of us has been given. We exist to connect people to the heart of God and believe that everyone has the capacity to be creative.   

Within the church, the creative department encompasses many disciplines including weekend music, production & stage teams; but we also have a great community of visual artists, writers, dramatic artists, photographers, graphic designers, and video production enthusiasts.

We desire that all of our teams emphasize the ABC’s:

  • Attitude above Ability
  • Offering God our Best through the Pursuit of Excellence
  • Create a Community that Loves God & One Another [Acts 2:42-47]


Our Teams


Our team is made up of gifted Musicians and Vocalists. We serve in our Saturday night and Sunday afternoon services as well as special events. Practices run weekly. As lead worshippers, it is our desire to lead worship out of the overflow of our personal worship with God throughout the week. It is out of this relationship and the journey that God is taking us through that we can then lead others to join along.

This team is made up of gifted musicians & vocalists who serve in  our saturday and sunday services as well as special events.  It is our desire to lead out of the overflow of our personal relationship with god and the journey that he is taking us through.  we want to meet people where they are and walk beside them to where god wants them to be.

Practices run weekly.


Our team is growing like crazy and we are always open to new ideas and new volunteers. We strive to find new ways to reach people. Over this past year we had dramas, dances, painting, set builds, lighting, writing and many other ways that artists were able to express their creativity and worship to God.

Always open to innovative ideas & methods, this team strives to find new ways to bring dynamic dimension to our weekend experience.  utilizing drama, creative writing, dance, traditional visual arts, graphic design, photography and set design we create to generate alternatives & possibilities that may be useful in communicating to those around us the truth of who god is and who he says that we are.


This team captures and communicates the experiences of our community through the creation of original video pieces including weekly announcements, personal stories and other creative video shorts.  The video team is comprised of editors, photographers & videographers who enthusiastically use their interest in multi media to capture and connect our perspectives and cultures

The video team helps carry out various video projects throughout the year. Some of the projects include video announcements and testimonies.  Media is a powerful way to share what God is doing and to grab people’s attention even in their busy lives. This team is made up of Video editors, Photographers and Videographers.


Audio/Visual (AV) | Sound Engineering | Production

The purpose of the tech team is to facilitate life changing moments through the fusion of technical and creative arts. To allow God to work through the details in production, Audio Visual, sound engineering and stage management so that during the weekend services people can engage God without distraction.

For more information please contact our Creative Director, Joe Cales at