Chinese New Year Outreach in Boracay

Chinese New Year Outreach in Boracay

2014 Boracay Mission Team Reports

From February 1st through the 8th, twenty seven members from Abundant Grace International Fellowship and Thanksgiving English Fellowship departed Shanghai to serve on the 2014 Boracay Mission trip. In Borocay, our volunteers divided into two groups to serve Church on the Rock (Pastor Rolando and Teresa Atienza) and First Love International Ministry (Dan and Tori Beaver).

The mighty task of constructing school buildings was assisted at the Agape School in Boracay and Ati School in Panay Islands. Additionally, knowledge was shared tutoring students in the mornings. In the afternoon, all willing hands served at the feeding centers distributing dinner to the children. After they had finished their meals, first-aid medical treatment was provided to those in need. We were blessed by ministering to 10 different feeding centers during the mission trip!

You ask, “How did you prepare for such a trip?” Good question! We started 6 months in advance with monthly meetings. We delighted in learning and practicing songs, rehearsing Bible story skits, and sharing the responsibly of gathering school supplies, medical supplies, craft items, recreational items, and construction equipment which we would carry to Boracay.

Our team ranged in age from 3 years to fifty-something : ). Every day, each of the fathers of family units lead morning devotion. Daily, everyone participated in tutoring students, hard construction work in scorching hot weather, and preparing food at the feeding centers. We experienced memorable fellowship; we worked side by side, ministered to one another and through the week, came to really know one another.

The highlight of this mission trip for all was sharing God’s messages with Boracay’s precious children. Special Bible stories were: John 20:24-31 (Jesus appears to Thomas), Mark 10: 46-52 (Blind Bartimaeus receives his sight), Matthew 15: 29-39 (Jesus feeds the four thousand). Jana Alayra’s songs which we taught were : Absolutely Nothing, Fixing My Eyes on You, All of My Life, and Jump Into the Light. God’s love was conveyed through each of these mediums, and crafts, and of course prayer! We believe that through all of this, the Gospel was imprinted in their hearts. They know that Jesus Christ loves them and gave them the hope of eternity.  We experienced a small glimpse of Jesus’ delight and love for the little children. Was this how he felt while preaching to people whose hearts were open, or while teaching them about the Gospel? We wish we could bottle that feeling!

Thanks be to God who provided, protected and instructed our hearts, hands and feet on this 2014 missionary trip. We were blessed to be called by Him to be part of the missionary team working together for His kingdom and for His glory!

May God reign and bless the people in Boracay and Panay Island.


CNY Boracay Outreach