Life Group Helps Build a Church in India

Life Group Helps Build a Church in India

The Withrow’s life group recently raised $2400 to help build a church in India. The money will go towards finishing the walls and putting on the roof. Below are some photos of the building in progress.

The Pastor of the church wrote this:

“It is wonderful to see your mail, our GOD upon whom we trusted, is such a ‘MIGHTY ONE’ that ‘HE’ can give us more than we ask, and even more than we expect. ‘HE’ is doing wonder after wonder in my life, according to ‘HIS’ great compassion.

‘It is nothing but the plan of GOD to build the church together. Brother, after this event, GOD is going to make those in your Bible groups’ territories, wider and wider, and you are going to start different kinds of ministries. THE MIGHTY HAND of the HOLY SPIRIT, will be with you to make these ministries victorious. Please don’t think other wise, GOD is inspiring me, to say this.”


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